About Sari Dive & Cottage

SARI DIVE is located nearby West Bali national park .
From the airportThree-and-a-half hours via Budugur ,
via Negara and via Pupuan takes four hours.
And you should be noted thatThe nearest via Budugur is mountain pass at an altitude of 1500m.Please be careful on the final day because there is the risk of decompression sickness. we recoment via beach way.
Sari Dive is surrounded by nature you can take a deep breath of fresh air . and You can feel the good old Indonesia.
Google map adress: http://goo.gl/maps/H2zHc
* Where is Sari Dive & Cottage?
* What is different with another dive resort?
Sari Dive & Cottage is not the dive center made ​​for the resort, resort made ​​for the dive center. Basis of Resort is an ideal diving.
So it has become a cottage easy to use for divers.
In order to adhere to the quality of diving, and strive to improve the knowledge of the guide. So we do not hire a main guide part-time basis. Therefore, there is a limit to the number of people in the guest, when peakseason sometime we can not receive a reservation.
In particular, We have a good reputation in the macro dive to the photographer.
Everyone underwater photographer, try the Sari Dive style!!
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