There is a private pier in Sari Dive for easy diving.

Do not have to walk in the shallow sea that hard to walk.
And for mania Divers can easily dive in the house reef.

We have 2 boat 『Sari Ayu 』and 『Sari Ayu 2』
Sari Ayu3 is local faiber boat
Max 12 pax (include driver) 40X3 engine
Sari Ayu 2 is small faiber boat
Max 8 pax (include driver) 40x2 engine

There is a fresh water shower on the dive center.
You will also find extra large water tank for the camera for diving photographers. and water tank for the equipment .

Let's relax with a cup of tea in the afternoon in the diving center after the dive Because our staff washing all your equipment.

(2 boat dive pack)

8:00~9:30 Breakfast
09: 45~ Brifing at dive center
10:00~ 1st dive
12:00~ lunch at near dive point
   (no come back to dive center)
13:30~ 2nd dive
15:30~ arrive at dive center
 Snack time
(16:00~ 3rd extra boat dive)

19:00~21:00 Dinner

(photographer pack)

7:00 Self Jetty dive
8:00~9:30 Breakfast
9:30~ Brifing at dive center
9:45~ 1st dive
11:45~ lunch at near dive point
(no come back to dive center)
13:15~ 2nd boat dive

14:30 snack time near dive point
15:15 arrive dive center and snack time

after snack extra 3rd boat dive or self dive.

19:00~21:00 Dinner

About Dive Point
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Under water Creaturs
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